We've launched several startups. I'm now CEO of ScreenCloud.

ScreenCloud - Digital Signage

After running the agency for 5 years we decided to start investing in products and created a dedicated team to work on that. Since 2009 we've launched several startup businesses.

Tepilo - Online Estate Agency

Tepilo is a joint venture with Sarah Beeny. It is a property portal that we pivoted into a leading online estate agent in 2013. We partially exited the business in 2017 and in 2018 it merged with competitor Emoov. Twilert was a client project that we took over and relaunched in 2010 as a monitoring app for Twitter. We exited the business in 2018.

Twilert - Twitter Search Alerts

ScreenCloud was the most prominent product to come from our labs division. It is a digital signage SaaS platform built on top of consumer hardware. In 2015 we spun ScreenCloud out as a separate business, raised external funding, and I became CEO working on the business full time.